Monday, May 2, 2011

Pinstripes and even More Pinstripes!!!

In the past couple of weeks I've had a couple of neat pinstripe jobs come my way. 1st up is a saddle bag off a Harley Davidson painted satin black. The customer wanted me to duplicate a pinstripe design he has tattooed to his leg. He gave me a print out of the original design the tattoo was based off of and I used that as the guide for the design. I used Bright Red and Ivory to complete the design. The Ivory is definitly the way to go against any satin or flat black... it just has a better more classy look.

Next up was a set of West Coast Chopper parts- gas tank, front fender and rear fender. The parts needed to be re-painted flat black before I could start doing the pinstripe designs. So each part was sanded smooth, cleaned, and re-painted. The flat black came out super clean and smooth. After they dried a couple days I began the pinstripe process. The customer had asked me to try and duplicate a set of designs off a toy version of this particular bike. After a few attempts and transcriptions, I decided the toys' designs weren't very flattering and I would not like the result if I kept trying to duplicate this design. Instead, I made up my own design and used some cues from the toy- leaving out all the parts I thought just didn't look right. I drew a center line down all the parts and just went for it. Completely made up as I went along.... and the center line really eases the centering and balancing process. I pulled all the red lines on the 1st day, then all the ivory lines the 2nd day. After the designs were all done I lettered the West Coast Choppers logo, added some dots and signed my name. These parts were a blast to do and they came out great. Bright Red and Ivory make it work again. The design on all 3 parts starts off the same and changes after a certain point based on the shape of the part. The front fenders design goes from front to back.

Lots of fun was had here and I can't wait for the next ones!

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  1. What would you charge? Same deal. Except I want you to just go free range chicken on my bike. Stipe this rigid out!