Wednesday, March 2, 2011

"You Are Here"

Life is a funny thing- sometimes its complicated, sometimes it feels simple, sometimes it feels wrong... but its always worth living. There's no way to calculate the time we have, just ways to fill the blanks of what we'll do next. These things define us whether we realize it or not. These are the how and what we will be remembered for. At times when we realize these things, we reflect on ourselves and sometimes in comparison to others. Where have we gone in comparison to the one next to us, similar to us, or against us? And by this measure we are found on the map of our life's staring down at the "You Are Here" dot in relation to where we've come from and where we're going. May not seem like a long journey has taken place with thousands of miles and landmarks before our eventual destination. Our destination is representative of the things we want most- accomplishments, gratitude, humility and the righteous feeling of finality. But is our destination goal set in the kind of place that is specifically out of our reach? If so there are a lot of us that will strive to a destination that has no arrival time. But like a lot of good things- it's the journey that makes us. Accomplishments or not, people can be marked by either their accomplishments, their personality or any of several other delightful details. There doesn't seem to be a mathematical formula to calculate the yes's and no's of our lives, so it becomes important to just go with it. Take each yes and go in the direction it takes you, and take each no as cosmic shift that has cautiously led you away from potentially worse No's. The yes's tend to lead to optimistic and sometimes arrogant routes, but is yet another road that is bound to teach us something- even about the no's. The no's are just as important- blockades to a potentially dangerous route... but sometimes, the no is the question to an answer that just needs to be asked differently. For example, you don't get an assignment or task based on your presentation of question. In careful observation, one can see these no's as opportunities not to change route, but to set determination in gear. This can be discouraging at times but can also provide the necessary drive to ask the question again. Determination is usually what sets us in motion to begin with. And sometimes No is just not the right answer. However, determined as you may be, several no's in a row will send you back tracking and circling your own map which will lead to potential doubts and questions inward instead of outward. This is honestly the best time to shine. Prove to yourself you can keep it together by reflecting and seeing your eventual path by looking backwards, not moving backwards. Take your no's and evaluate their similarities... what is it about each different case that had the same outcome? Searching for flaws not to dwell on, but to improve on. Perhaps there isn't a similarity between them... sometimes you find yourself at crossroads that are more of a temptation rather then a destination. Each place different, new and exciting. But inside, you know it's not you and isn't the best route to your destination if at this point it is still where you want to go. A temptation will lead you off path and hold it's appeal until you realize that your no longer on the map. This moment is defined in a reflection that is set in motion by an undefined event that tells you to look inward again and see yourself for who you are right at this moment. More importantly, where on the map you are. It's necessary at times to admit our own faults and guilt's, but not to necessarily feel at fault or guilty. A clear understanding of these things can really lead to a positive attitude. Knowing that the bad, done by you or in part by your actions, can be just as important as the good by acknowledging it. Define these markers and set out to use them as good. Our goals and ourselves will often intertwine with others of the same goals- and these people truly enrichen the journey. When others join our journey something deeper then friendship is at work. They walk with us through storms, deserts and rocky roads sticking with us as if a symbol that this path is the right one. Even if just for part of the journey a companion exists, it is remembered in the best way. Who knows if were meant to make it to the end of our road. Maybe destiny is that we make it to the final road close enough to feel the reward of the end, but without fully making it. Anticipation is sometimes so much greater then the thing we anticipate. We face disappointment equally as much as excitement- so in a way, not knowing is better. Ignorance is not what's meant here- simply that the journey may far exceed the destination. Not to say that the destination won't be great- just that if we got the opportunity to experience it could diminish the meaning of the journey.

"If it can mean anything, then it means nothing" -Matthew Quinn.

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  1. This piece of writing is very moving. There is a lot of wisdom here. Really.