Saturday, March 5, 2011

Back to work... Pinstriping and Sharpie that is

The last couple of weeks I've been busy with the cool stuff- Pinstripes and Sharpie. Now if only I could have an opened minded enough customer say do both... that would be cool. So the pieces I've been working on include a very nice bass guitar, a bass drum head for a music school, a helmet and some more panels. The bass guitar, while very cool by itself, had a special request of flair. The idea I came up with for the face of the bass was to do the body from top down instead of bottom up (which is very commonly done)- reason being that when you see designs from the bottom up on a guitar, it looks good on a stand, but not while it's played. This way, it looks good while it's played and that's what i think is most important. The designs were done in black then silver, and started heavier at the top and thinned out towards the bottom (as to not just cover the entire thing). On the back side i layed out a more traditional/symmetrical style design that ended up being 3 colors (black, silver, ivory) that intertwined quite a lot with one another. It's truly one of the coolest most intricate pieces I think I've done without involving flashy colors. Next up is the bass drum head for the Frederick Rock School. I did this piece as a favor since I like the guys and their cause is noble. Originally I wasn't sure what I was going to do since it looked like the head had been beat up a but with a small chizel and hammer. But careful placement of lines allowed me to avoid distorted looking lettering and stripes. I put a bunch of colors down on that... red, blue, silver, purple, magenta, white, ivory, bright green and yellow. Last but not least is the Sharpie Helmet. Last minute request, but it all worked out fine. The guy who gave me this helmet to do said they normally give it to this other dude to pinstripe and put their name on, but he really liked the Sharpie Art so he said put the name on their however you like and sharpie it up... but use silver. That's the first time I really ever used silver sharpie that extensively and I think it came out really cool.

Sounds like there are more motorcycles and Ferrari's in the near future!

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