Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Mattholumeuwe's Latest Cafe Racer

Yesterday I picked up the parts to the cafe Matt's building. The tank and tail are both made of fiberglass and are in pretty decent shape... just a good going over with a sander and then blocked to see where were at. At this point the pieces are starting to look mighty colorful as we see all the pretty colors they used to be. Then I get to stare at it to look for and take care of as many imperfections as I can before primer. About a million tiny things were addressed... nothing major, just wanted to make it as nice as possible at this stage. Both the tail and the tank were primed and are ready to be blocked/prepped for the initial color. The paint scheme on these parts is still being decided on. I know for sure that I want to incorporate carbon fiber as the dominant paint feature. That being said, the first color will be a charcoaly silver (something tinted to match the lighter weave in carbon fiber) and it will be applied entirely to both pieces then cleared as to lock down the original color from the additional layers it will receive. More on my particular method for doing carbon fiber to come!

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