Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Whats new in the world... this week

I finished up a pinstripe panel i vaguely started working on just before the Timonium show... something a little different then normal. I tried lots of new things and i pretty much liked them all... i just wish i had made enough space to continue expanding. This week is pinstripe week it looks like; a customer dropped off a new bass guitar to be completely done up (maybe even the case), I spent yesterday and will continue on today pinstriping a 2007 Harley edition F350 (a very gigantic truck by the way) and i should be getting some panels started as well as tool boxes for the upcoming bike show that i will not disappear at :) Also many big jobs are in the works, but it all comes down to mula dinero cash moneys. I'm not sure how someone can ask me to do something for free... because honestly, if you don't have the money for the crazy stuff, then don't ask for it. I'm sure everything will still look good even without the extra touch... but you may get noticed slightly less. What I'm saying is if you want awesomeness, please budget for it. That's all. Not real complicated. But i sure do get a kick out of the sob stories i hear... man i should write a book... or carry a mini recorder :)

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