Wednesday, February 9, 2011

In the Worx... (plus my kitty)

It's been a slamin busy... forever and something. It's been a lot of that, yes. In particular tho, everyone in the Maryland Consortium has been spending late nights completing tasks and dealies for this weekends Timonium Show. I've been working on pinstripe panels in every aspect- finding something to make panels out of, painting the panels, doing an artistic frame, and occasionally, pinstriping them. My goal is to have blank pieces to do at the show, but to make the panel itself look a little cooler to begin with. I tested out some new things for fun- airbrushed carbon fiber effect, wet on wet enamel thru mesh, flame tipped flames, slash striping, water droplets, marbleizer... all good and fun, but there isn't much time left. I've also completed some 1958 Ducati parts, some Saint emblems, and another of Matholemeuw's parts... I'll save pics of that for later. Busy Busy. Today I'm off to Baltimore to do real work!

Also here is a picture of my kitty... i think he looks how i feel. It's also very funny.

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