Thursday, January 13, 2011

Since it never happened, here are the pics...

I actually got the last touches done this morning before i left for ye ole ferrari shope. Every part of this was done free hand- everything. All the letters, airbrushing and stripes were done without a guide of any type. As mentioned before, once i got the spacing i wanted, i pulled all the letters in a gray i mixed. Next i airbrushed in some lighter white areas, followed by some black in the lower areas, followed by some up top blue, followed by some lines done in sharpie, followed by some more white, followed by more black sharpie, followed by white in a paint brush, followed silver around the letters, followed by pinstriping some of the black lines, followed by the yellow shadow. This was really done with a variety of materials too... anything i could find really. I used an automotive enamel white mixed with rustolium semi gloss black to make the grey (since it was the color i needed the most of ). All the airbrush stuff was Golden Brand Acrylics. I used some Sharpie and some 1shot colors... lots o stuff. I like it... i might still do just a little more tho.

Consortium Unite!

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