Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Things and The Stuff

This week seems to be flying by, but it's goin well. I got a chunk of Matts bike parts painted and back to him... im currently working on the seat paint/upholstery along with another cafe seat paint/upholstery. I got started on a Ferrari 550 Maranello and a Jeep Srt8 over at Robbies. I got started on the Timonium Show sign. And best of all, i found a nice inexpensive drawing table on craigslist. The last couple weeks I've spent a lot of time drawing and i knew that if i were going to be doing this as much as i want, i need a table that changes angle & height so my back isn't always yelling at me. And i had great success on craigslist... $30 for a fold able, portable drawing/drafting table. Very nice. So i had to try it out! Makes for good comfort while i spend time sharpening some techniques. Our Timonium sign was a blast too... first thing was to cover the bottom in contact vinyl so that when this is all done i can pull it off and start again clean. The vinyl came out perfect even though it was like wrestling with an octopus driving an 18 wheeler hitting a squid. The yellow is cool against the surfboards' orange, at least i like it. Trim up the edges and then make all the measurements necessary to fit "The Maryland Consortium" across the top. I talked to Matt to get names and spelling just to be sure... because once it's on there... yea. Then i would just have to compensate by spelling everyones' stuff wrong... The Maryland Constipation featuring Saint Motortrikes, Drafty Sycle Werks, Zen Angle 47, Pinchris Stripe, and Bear Claw Racing. That's pretty catchy! We won't be forgotten... just not remembered properly. Anyways..... once i got the letter layout very vaguely done in pencil, i mixed up the main color, pulled all the letters, and proceeded to airbrush in some white, then some black, then some blue, then some more white, then hit a couple spots with white and black in a paint brush... then outlined the whole deal in silver. It didn't take very long... the longest thing was getting around all the letters with silver. Buuuuuuuuuut... since that part is about 90% and not 100%, i won't post pics just yet... you can imagine tho. If i can get home before midnight tonight I'll put the last touches of that part on but we shall see!

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