Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Consortium Surfboard

Today was a snow day... or an ice day... ok, snowy ice. Either way, i didn't drive up to Robbies today because our neighborhood does not get taken care of by the city and the good ole' boys in charge are frederick educated at best. In other words, they were done around 4 pm after having done an OK job. But anyways... true as always, if I'm at home for a day i can finally accomplish some neat stuff. I get Matt's seat stitched last night and all the mounting done today... I'll get into the details of that when it's done. I also put a couple names down on our Consortium sign. I did the Saint Motor Company letters in emerald green, then airbrushed in some acrylic black on the bottoms while wet (to force cracking), outlined in metallic gold, then highlighted in ivory. I did the Zen Angel 13 a little more interesting since Kyles' purpose is different (as is every one's so they're all going to be different). I splashed down some process blue, then airbrushed the bottoms with a little darker blue and fogged the 13 with the same blue. Then i went around everything with vermilion... pretty eye catching... i hope he likes. Every ones will be a little different both in color and style. I'm going to put everyone elses names down before mine to make sure there's enough space for it all since it wont bother me if my name is the smallest.


  1. if you put beppy cricker cakes on there...i'll buy you sugar coated gummy worms...in bulk...forever.
    it'll be like i'm your sugar coated gummy worm bitch.
    great idea?
    thought so.
    i'm full of 'em.

  2. Lol... now you got the right idea! Im cuttin back on the gummies actually, but i appreciate it very much :D I'd bve happy to put your name on there... is that the right spelling?