Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Consortium Surfboard Continued...

Today was another one of my favorite kind of days... a snow day where i get to stay at home and work on something here. While i would have liked to have made it to work today, the repairs on my borrowed car are stacking up as it is so im less willing to take risks with it since it's not mine. But anyways... i got the last 3 names on the board; Draft Cycle Works, Barefoot Racing, and Pinstripe Chris... each done differently. I did Draft first so that no matter what space was left afterwards, it was on there and i could figure the other ones based on remaining space. I pulled the letters in bright red, then airbrushed drop shadows in bone black as well as fogging the bottoms of the letters a little. Then i chased all the litters in polar white... really made it jump out cleanly. Next i did the Barefoot Racing letters... to break up monotony, i did Barefoot and Racing differently, but i outlined them in the same color to tie them together. The Barefoot was done in black, then airbrushed in some white from the middle of the letters faded up as well as the top corners of each letter. The Racing part was done in bright red, then airbrushed drop shadow. Since Robbie is a retro dude, i thought his name should have a retro colored outline... so i used aqua around the letters, but on the Racing part, i paletted the brush carefully so i could make the outline extra skinny. Last but not least, i did the Pinstripe Chris part. Using the remaining corner of the board i whipped out some ole' Sharpies and scribbled my name down. Afterwards, i airbrushed drop shadows below each letter. I decided my name didn't need an eccentric outline color since it was weird enough, so i used metallic silver to go around the letters. Everything came out really cool and clean- each persons name is a little differently shaped, filled and detailed. I still have a few more cool colors i haven't used yet and i might still do some airbrushy stuff so its not quite done, but all the names are done.

Consortium Unite!

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  1. OMG Machine gun jubblies! OMG

    Really nice Chris. That looks like bananas.