Friday, May 20, 2016

New Art for Ferrari Friday, and a Fresh outlook on Analog Art

For Ferrari Friday signing brand new prints of the F458 Italia Design as they are rolling off the machine. We're running just 25 of these 8.5"x11" giclee's on heavy weight matte paper, they are $20/each- check them out at  or Email me for details:

Also, I'd like to take a minute to expand on the slight change of recent artwork direction:

I could go on and on about how the digital art platform has raised the standards for many types of artwork, but I also think its created a bit of a disconnect with the viewer and the creator. That got me thinking about the types of "Analog" artwork I enjoy and would feel more of a connection with personally- the answer for me was more designerly artwork that emphasized almost an entire process of a single piece into 1 piece. Bu that I mean working the actual sketch out (not tracing), refining part of that sketch with line weights, rendering part of that refinement, then detailing just a part of that refinement. The end result is a window into my process that shows the layers in the most honest way from the roughest sketch parts to the refined parts. This, I think, gives a really great connection from creator to viewer without the feeling that something was mislead, post edited, digitally manipulated- This is RAW Analog art it's purest while maintaining my passion for the cars and designs I've always enjoyed.  Well enough for now, but stay tuned for lots more as I've been working on this series a couple weeks now and have lots more planned!

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