Monday, March 28, 2016

2013 Camaro Sketch & Render

Working on a quick render this morning of the 2013 Camaro Convertible sketch I posted last week. Since I sorted out quite a bit in my initial sketch, the final render went much faster as I already knew where to place everything. Although it seemed like I spent a little more time then usual doing some basic shading on the blue pencil sketch (which I rarely do), it saved me any time I would have spent thinking about how I was going to light & shade my final render. It's just like picking out all the markers, paints and tools I'm going to use before I get started- now I have everything I need to move forward 1 time, which is ultimately the biggest time saver. As far as lighting & shading goes, I always create what I call my own "Lighting Model" to simplify the shapes & contours in the render rather then complicate them with unnecessary reflection 'noise' that you might see in a lot of photographs. The lessons here, Less= More, and planning saves time. And of course, always have fun, and never stop learning.


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