Sunday, December 2, 2012

NEW Sharpie Lettering Piece "Artist"

Last week I got started on a flier design for an upcoming event-  Stumblefoot Artist Night. Each time one of these events takes place, one of the featured artist designs the flier for the event based on their artistic style. This time it was my turn! I decided I wanted one of the words in the flier to also be part of the artwork of the flier. So I whipped this up. It was originally intended to be used just for this, but I liked the way it came out so much that I went ahead and finished it out as a full on piece. Sharpies, Acrylic, and Enamel make this a truly mixed media piece. This is the 1st time I outlined anything Sharpie with 1-Shot Enamel-  I like it much better this way for a number of reasons. The quality of the color really pops, the paint has a high opacity so it covers over the black easily, there's much more control over line width... its just better! All the shading, shadowing, and course stipple were done with acrylic through an airbrush. The original piece is a panoramic- 31"x15" and looks really really cool. I photo edited this close up of the lettering to be print ready without getting into too many bizarre sizes. This was a lot of fun to try and figure out how to have all the letters interact with each other organically and still reflect some of my style. I hope to be doing more like this in the future!

Prints Available on 8.5"x11" Card Stock (signed, dated, numbered) for $20

Thanks for looking!

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