Sunday, December 2, 2012

NEW Sharpie Illusions Piece "Sharp-eyez"

In light of trying lots of new things lately like mixed media, I thought I might try and mix a couple different style ideas together. This piece started out as a test piece, but still managed to come out very clean and sharp. I started with the eye- it was done using both airbrushed and paint brushed acrylics. Once that was done, I built a little Sharpie design around it, but not so much that it would over take the page. I could have gone as far as filling the whole page with design, but there needs to be some blank page left in order to drop shadow some of the art. I did this on a small scale (9"x12"), so If I had done it on a larger board I could have expanded a bit further. Still, for a test piece I think this one came out very cool- a little bit of abstract to this one.

Available as a 8.5"x11" Card Stock Print (signed, dated and numbered) for $20

Thanks for looking!

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