Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Sharpie Mustang Part 13 FINISHED!!!

After the clear coat was finished, the next step was to wet sand & buff. After that was done the next step was to clean the car very nicely for some photos. Friday was d-day as well as photograph day. The photographers name is Bethany Eteeyan- she is an awesome artist when it comes to just about about anything. She does incredible drawings and is always ready to learn something new. As it turns out, she's also really great at taking photos. So we rolled the Mustang over to an empty lot where she took lots and lots of pictures. I'd post them all if I could... but time... there is so little of. Hopefully Bethany will have her site all the way up and running so I can share some more of her work with the world.

So the Mustang is finished! Now I'm on to the other Sharpie Car...


  1. Hi Chris - Amazing work. I was wondering if you kept count of how many markers you used for this job.

  2. Love your work, Chris. The El Dorado Arts Council ( just posted the Yahoo article about you... I hope it goes viral for you. :-) What do you charge for something like this? I'd love to have you do my Avalon.

  3. Awesome talent, Chris. Tattoos for cars. Keep on keepin' on.

  4. Saw this're getting some good press and I like your style of art. Of course you know the secret to getting sharpie off of surfaces, especially cars?

  5. This is definitely a ONE OF A KIND! You really know how to make your car stand out in the croud. LOVE IT!!!!

  6. Your art looks sic!!! I have never seen anything like this and i hope to be paying you to do this to my ride one day!
    Alvin Kovacs (remember the name)

    1. Thanks dude- And I will definitely remember the name!