Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Custom 54 F-100 Rendering version 2.0

About a week ago I decided to start fresh with a completely new rendering for my brothers 54 F-100. In light of recently meeting one of my personal heros, Steve Stanford, I was inspired to step up my game. So I looked at my original rendering after seeing lots of Steve's work and saw that I needed to go in a different direction. So I started from scratch with a brand new sketch that had a more effective perspective, as well as just being more accurate overall. It took me a couple evenings after work to get the colors down- it seemed like every time I looked at it I wanted to make more changes, but I just needed relax. This piece gave me the chance to practice some new things as well as complete a design. The truck itself has many customizations from a stock F-100. The biggest customization is the cab- it's a 56 cab that has 4 doors (a short rear door) that's done in a 60's "hard top" style (no frames around the doors and no center post). The other big customization is the front end- the running boards have been removed and the bottom of the fenders chopped to meet the level of the bottom of the doors. The grille is a phantom style grill that hides the headlights. Since the wheelbase is stretched with a longer cab, I drew in over sized wheels to try and keep stock looking wheelbase.

As with always this was a lot of fun to do!


  1. Hi Chris, i really like your colored renderings, especially the chrome rims are a bummer in this particular case.

    wouldn't you mind sharing some of your rendering techniques for a wannabe design student of the near future like me ?

    1. Hey Mike, I'd be happy to share anything you'd like to know about how I do renderings. I've gotten a lot of good advice from other automotive artists like Steve Stanford, so I'd be more then happy to pass it along. So ask away!

  2. ok here we go.
    1. what kind of colors were used for the flat black areas? ordinary markers (copic/touch/...)?
    2. glares (large) ... is this done with crayons/colored pencils? i mean those blueish parts
    3. glares (spot).. done with some kind of ink? they look very intense and bright
    4. whats the order of applying those levels? defining areas on sketch -> base color -> shades, smooth highlighted areas -> bright spots ?

    and i still have a lot of trouble with defining the proper highlighted areas on a high gloss paint scheme. are there any rules tips whatever how to get to a more realistic look?