Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Sharpie Pro Street Camaro Part 3

So here we are- the other side finished! At least with Sharpie. Now I'm moving on to other parts of the car to try and complete the look. Currently I've got panels laid out on the hood and that's what I'll spend the next day working on.


  1. Yes Chris, you are mixing old panel style with modern art styles, this will be so killer when done. I would so love to see it get the panels reverse taped up, then light flake and candy sprayed between them, the different colored candies spray over each panel.

    Im sure that Money and time that wont happen though.

    Dont get me wrong, just clearing what you have here will be flipping beautiful. But Man if he did the whole enchalata he'd be an international attention grabber.

  2. u should time lapse the other side

  3. I agree Mr. Bozi- especially at this point. Going full on with some candy and flake would really complete the hybrid look. Trouble is deciding on colors... but it's not my car so I can't pick. And I totally would have done a time lapse but the other side is already done.