Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Some more pinstripe practice!

A little more practice goes a long way. Yesterday I got a couple new brushes in the mail... one of which is a Kafka brush. These things are all the rage apparently, so I thought I'd try one. $14 investment isn't too bad. What can I say... It's Ok, but not great. Probably because I'm used to the Mack brushes already. The Kafka can definitely do some things the Macks can't easily do, but not better and not faster. Don't get me wrong, it's a cool brush... But it made me like the Macks so much more after trying it. Luckily, I also ordered a new Mack 10 series #00. I didn't use this one because it's new and it's a back up to the other #00 I already have. So instead I grabbed the #00 I already had and whipped up a couple quick panels. After trying the Kafka, these Macks are butter. Fast. Consistent. And straight. Love. So here are these 2 panels. One is Vermilion and Bright Red on an obscurely painted panel... the other is Black and Ivory on a gold painted panel. I've even started signing my name with the same pinstripe brush I use for the designs... makes em tiny, but legible.

Fun Fun Fun!!!

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