Monday, April 25, 2011

So I've got a few Hotwheels... big deal.

As I'm making preparations to move west, it's necessary to go through all my junk and figure out whats what. To see what'll fit in the car... what'll fit in a truck... what can be given away...and whats trash. For me, the bulk of what I own is in 1/64th scale cars. But not just a few... I mean thousands. And not all of them are your typical Hotwheels 1/64... some are bigger and some are stranger. This is my retirement fund so it has to go with me. It's always fun to sort through some old stuff and go "oh wow, didn't know I had one of those". I did that over and over again. It was fun! The hotwheels in the deep tubs are stacked about 8/9 deep... the thinner boxes have hotwheels stacked 4/5 deep. The luggage carrier has some of the odd shaped packages but still managed to hold a whole lot of toys. I'm still finding hotwheels around the house that have been accumulated over the last couple years.

It's not an obsession.

I think...

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