Monday, March 21, 2011

Pinstripes and Ferrari's

I'm currently working on a billion different things... most interesting of the last couple days was a pinstripe job I did for Cycle Finish, the stripe down the latest Saint Motorbike, and being able to stare at the Ferrari California over at Robbie's shop while I wait to work on it. The parts for Cycle Finish were 2 saddle bags that were nicely painted with orange flames outlined in green. The idea was to use those 2 colors and a reference photo of another artist style of pinstripes, make a new design, then apply it to both bags. The stripes and the design came out great- identical, vibrant and smooth. I added a little blue to the design to help with the feel of the colors and the design. I definitely look forward to doing more work with Ron at Cycle Finish. Next up is Jeff's latest cafe bike parts. Jeff painted them black then I prepped them for stripes and re-clear. The stripe layout was Jeff's idea and it was perfect. I masked everything out in 1/8'' fine line tape, then sprayed white through it. All the lines came out really clean and smooth. A little clear, a little wet sanding and buffing then it's all done. Last but certainly not least is the 2010 Ferrari California. Robbie has been repairing the front left corner of the car... and when he's done I get to do the paint work, yea! Aside from being able to look at the car I also get to occasionally start it up and drive it in and out of the door. Very exciting.

Lots more cool stuff to come!

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