Friday, November 26, 2010

One for the record books

Earlier this year i met Troy Mason, owner of a 65 Vw Notchback ProMod. Jeff Mullins had built up this race car for him, John Buttrey had painted it, and Troy was looking to really make it stand out. Previously, a different (and more well known) airbrush artist had sketched out an idea for him involving traditional flames and skulls. Since Troy seem to like the idea but trusted me enough to do what i thought would be cool, i went with a more lively version of that idea. A Vw skull on the hood with blue fire, and blue fire streaming down the sides. Definitly one of the coolest things i've been a part of. It was alot of fun to do and Troy is a great customer. Following the car i did his helmet, the deckild of the the car containing the names of the people involved, and even redid a part of the car after an unfortunatness. As promised by Troy, here's his car in this months Hot Vw Magazine. I've had a lot of customers tell me that by giving them a break on (the cost of) ta job that they'll really push my name... or that it'll be good advertisement. I've lost count of how many times I've heard this and had faith enough to go through with it. Troy never BS-ed me for a second, he was straight with details and very involved. I wish more customers were like him. He had told me that his car would eventually be in Hot Vw... and man was i happy when he told me that it was. This is the 1st time anything of mine has been published like this, and i am very grateful. Thank you Troy for everything, i look forward to doing business with you again soon.

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