Friday, November 26, 2010

Life returns back to normal...ish...

Now that my head is kind of attached properly again, real work has resumed. The Olds is great... im still looking carefully at things and going on a few test drives a day to get her back in the swing of driving. She runs great and loud... could use an exhaust. But now that I've spent the money on the car and the trip to get her (another post) i needed to get back in the swing of things here at Robbie's shop. First in line (i really love my job) is our latest Ferrari F430. I was working on getting that one prepped for paint before Matt and i left for new york. Upon returning, i painted the once silver Ferrari 'Blanco Avus (white)'. It looks killer, she's gonna be overly classy for a race car, but smooth as silk. It was quite a trip trying to keep the white clean thru the paint process. Later i'll get to doing the rest of the Ferrari parts. Next in line to work on was pinstripes on a neighbor of ours Roadster. The car is plenty cool painted kandy blue, or as the uninformed people dabbing into the paint world call it: kandy apple blue. I go out of my way to correct people when they say this, but not by pointing out, rather by inquiring the last time they had a blue apple. Anyways, the car was painted excellently by its builder, but he wanted a little bit of stripe action. He said do whatever i thought was cool- my favorite customers say that. I haven't finished yet, but i got all of the 1st color down. When i started thinking about the trunk area i kept looking at it thinking 'this needs an eyeball'. I have a couple colors left to do both on the eye and designs, but i think everything is lookin pretty cool and not too over powering. Tomorrow I'll finish up the pinstripes and begin the wetsand and buff process on the Ferrari. Ahhhhhhhh the Glasurit clear... i may never use anything else ever again :)

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