Friday, August 6, 2010

This week in review...

This has seriously been the longest 5 or 7 days... however many it's been since last week. Busy Busy. We went to the Outlaw Jam on Sunday and saw tons of bikes and some old cars and some live music. French fries were expensive but still cheaper then a bottle of water. Monday was my birthday and i scheduled myself to be at Bubbas East Coast (in Fairfax) to do some pinstriping. Later was an excellent dinner at Outback Steak house followed by the gift of many steaks from my mom, a portable mp3 player, and a new cd stereo deal for my car (which had the orignal non-working tape deck still in it) from my brother Jake and his lady friend Jaimie. Tuesday was airbrushing and pinstriping a toolbox cabinet (as tall as me) with mountain-dew colored fire and bright blue pinstripes. And when i say mountain-dew, i mean bright ass green with yellowish/green highlights. Jake installed my car stereo that night while i touched up the front of his mustang. Wednesday i was back to Bubbas to letter his boat... outside. At least it wasn't hot. Came out really nice tho. That was followed by a trip to Rockville to pinstripe some wheels at Jeffs' shop, Hot Rod Refinishers. Knocked those out really quick and they came out great. Had enough time after that to visit Robert at It's About Time Automotive to catch up with him about some upcoming things. Then off to Race Car Robbies' to talk about Ferraris' and Sharpie art. That was a long conversation... dinner was at midnight. But i love visiting those kinds of guys; the ones that have the stories from back when. It's good times. Thursday i finally got back up to Buttreys' shop to get started doing the blue fire blend on Troys' Vw dragster. They got we got everything setup and my mini compressor went ka-put. That put a stop to things... for a day. Had TGIFridays for dinner and then fell asleep watching Alien. Kindof a funny thing to fall asleep to really. Today i got to Buttreys' shop early (with a different compressor) and worked away on that almost all day. I got the blue fire reblended (looks excellent) and had enough time to try my luck at redoing one of the headlights (that was airbrushed by someone else) that got base coated over due to the damage. The original artist did a killer job, so deciphering his technique/order of doing things was challenging, but fun. It also came out really well and the customer was happy. Yay! Tomorrow there are a couple of car/bike type shows goin on that i've been looking forward to for 2 weeks. Finally. And the weather looks to be good. Busy Busy. Why can't every week be like this?

Maybe 24 wont be so bad after all...

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  1. If theres no never happened. :-)

    Glad you had a good busy week Chris.