Friday, August 6, 2010

Troys' Vw dragster

Earlier this summer, i did the artwork on Troy's 65 Notchback dragster. The sides were covered with blue fire and smoke and the nose had some of the fire/smoke along with a well placed skull that had a Vw emblem stamped into it. I also did the matching helmet and the rear lid containing the name of the car and all the people involved with it. Really cool project and an excellent customer. Recently, the car had a small scrape with a guard rail... the day before a magazine photo shoot for Hot Vw. Most of the scrapes cleaned off and im sure the photos were taken cleverly enough to not draw attention to those areas. There did end up being a few cracks in the fiberglass that needed repaired, primed, base coated and re-airbrushed. They were ready for me to come to the paint shop and re-do some of the artwork last week... but upon arrival, i saw that whoever was in charge of base coat blending had gotten rather carried away. They had done a good job blending, but not so good at keeping it small. Needless to say, the people involved in this ordeal were not happy. My task had gone from being fairly simple to something very challenging. I also discovered that i needed to have the rocker panel present so that everything lined up and colors were accurate. No worries tho, im not scared. So today i got in there and spent the day carefully re-layering fire from blank to blend. It came out really good. Challenging tho. One of the headlights was also base coated over (because there was damage there too) so it also needed to be completely redone to match the one on the other side. Whoever did the original lights on the car did an excellent job, so matching their technique was an interesting process. But it also came out really well. Long day, but i got it all done and everyone's happy. All that remains is clear and reassembly.

It's always good to have challenges, right?

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