Friday, August 6, 2010


Oh common, you remember that bubble gum that you bought with your life savings when you were 8... come to find out that there are only 5 pieces of gum, and each piece is actually too big to chew but once you chew it for a while you could blow this enormous bubble...? Then later you decided it was a rip off... 99 cents for 5 pieces of over sized uncomfortable to chew gum... and that's how shoplifting began in your life. I'm kidding, i was a Mint-a-Burst thief. They don't make that stuff anymore. ANYWAYS... so i've been down to Bubbas East Coast Hot Rods a few times in the past couple weeks. Once to interview for an airbrush job, and 2 more times to pinstripe & letter things. Interesting interview... but i guess they liked me ok enough to invite me back a couple more times to see what else i could do. So this week i pinstripe a couple things in their shop and lettered the back of Bubbas boat. Neat jobs to do and they all came out really well. I think each was a test of what i could do... in terms of quality, colors, layout and basically the ability to do what it is i say i can do since there are plenty of people that can talk to talk... but nothing really beyond that. Perhaps they can pick up a brush and drag it sideways and up and down and go "what do you think of that?". It's 'all talk' artists like those that need only to be responded to there arrogance with vomit.... pure vomit. And if that doesn't get the point across, laughing also works. Anyways... i was demonstrating that my ability to stripe and letter isn't a lie and i can in fact do what i say i can.

This is what i do for a living... i may not have been doing it for very long, but a little perseverance goes a long way. I love what i do but im still learning and i hope to get better as time goes on. And this is how i learn- by doing.


  1. dude whatever, you're an artistic badass and i envy you for being able to do art for a living, i wish that i could do that same and figure out a way to make canvas paintings as popular as airbrushing but :-P haha

    you've got it going on bud! and you constantly make big steps in your technique, since i met you a year or two ago, you've gotten a million times better and its funny watching you poo-poo your old stuff now, which still kicks butt even if you dont like it

    i'm feeling all warm and fuzzy inside, i think i should be quiet and go do something manly, ttyl

  2. Why thank you sir. I guess from my point of view, a couple years ago's stuff is kinda poo poo now... but poo poo i created and learned from. Yes, that sounds about right. And maybe in another couple years the stuff im doing now will be the new poo poo. Airbrushing doesn't seem to be terribly popular unless you can really wow people with it- the things that you are doing now or WOW things, your going to make it man. Just as true as it is with everyone in some type of arts- you have to find the areas where your ideas and work are welcomed. Im still freaking working on that and trying to keep up with the times.

    The canvas world is special. Im trying to learn it's secrects and windows too. Im wondering if there is a cellar door to the canvas art world so we can sneak in and look around...

    What is your field(s) of interest?

  3. haha, sneaky sneaky
    mostly i've been getting back into doing traditional painting on canvas either in acrylic or oil paint, the photoshop thing is really coming along nicely and if i sit down and work i can get two or maybe three drawings colored on the computer in a day. and just for dork's sake, i want to do a comic book and started talking around and some people have been really cool and helpful with teaching me the process of how to do it.

    i guess i have the idea that it would be awesome to have paintings in a gallery or a frame shop somewhere, and that would be my big artsy thing while i did comics or posters in the graphics world to get by as a day job... hm... dunno, all just thoughts really

    one of these days i'll find a big bag of money in a parking lot of unmarked benjamins and then hilarity should ensue... in theory lol