Monday, June 7, 2010

Sharpie Camaro?

In hopes of convincing a local dealership that a brand new Sharpie car could really be a big deal for them, i whipped up this concept pic last night around 1am. After about 3 hours i has done getting my idea on paper.... a little pencil, marker and airbrush go a long way. My idea is to do a semi-2 tone look that has no exact boundaries... it looks more natural. This pic has just basic sharpie art, but the possibilities are endless. I suggested a Camaro or muscle car theme. A Camaro themed Camaro has a cooler ring tho. The 2010 Camaro in question is yellow and they're seeking ideas to make it stand out. Well... i definitly think a Sharpie Camaro would be plently marketable and unique. Hopefully, they'll take me up on this. And hopefully it catches on.

Tomorrow i get to go back to talk to the higher-ups... im lookin forward to it. Not sure exactly what to say yet, but it's a situation im good at.

ps- freds gay.

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