Sunday, June 6, 2010

Many words for the St. Motorbikes tank...

So....... this guy asked me to do all this crazy stuff on these tanks, right? And i was all like- sure no prob. Then i get the tanks, right? Right. Well sorry to lead you on- it actually was no prob. Got these 2 tanks form Jeff on Saturday night adn started on them noon Sunday. The words on the first tank went pretty quick for how long the verse was. I used a gold Sharpie Paint marker... thank god for them. But that stuff isn't so forgiving... if you dont get it on the first try your kinda F-ed. Especially on fresh paint. But i got it all down and highlighted it with 1 shot Ivory. Doing it diagonal so that it came over the corner of the tank made it extra special. Then on the other tank i was asked to do the Saint logo all free hand with the pinstripe paint and brushes. And so i did using metallic Gold and Ivory. Went pretty well for being freehanded i think. Had everything done and on the way back to Jeff after about 4 hours work. I love the way they came out and how the bike they're goin on looks. Im always happy to be even a small part of a Saint bike.

And in case you haven't heard, Fred is gay.