Friday, August 18, 2017

"Ran When Parked": a classic tale of air cooled cars

Happy Friday!

Im looking at my posts here for the year going, "man, I sure missed a lot of cool things". So I'm going share some of what we've missed here starting with this classic Vw Bug piece called "Ran When Parked". Im a big air cooled Vw/Corvair enthusiast (I own 1 of each!) and I can't tell you how many times when browsing the classifieds for these I see the phrase 'Ran When Parked' or 'Haven't Tried to Start it', which to me essentially means: 'we tried, but it takes more effort then we are willing' to get it started. Im not sure which this happens more with in the cars that we've looked at, but it feels like more of a tradition with older Vw's. They're pretty resilient tho, so just a little TLC and they seem to get on to the road pretty easily... as long as the tires are round.

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