Monday, February 27, 2017

A Mopar piece from the Early Days for Mopar Monday

For Mopar Monday here's a 69 Charger piece from the very early days of doing artwork full time. This piece was done completely freehand using Sharpies, pens, and markers- no rulers, curves or ellipses were used for any of the lines; Good Times! One of my best memories of the early days of doing this type of artwork was my lack of ability to afford the cool tools that would no doubt make for a cleaner, sharper, end result- but I rose to the challenge by using pinstriping techniques I had previously spent many years learning and it seemed to work. I used those techniques (and still do) for more pieces then I can count. Now a days if im after perfection I will likely grab the appropriate tools- the difference is often what im looking for in an end result. For example if im doing a build rendering, im going to want more accuracy. However if Im doing a more stylized piece of artwork I will do what feels the most stylistic which rarely involves many tools at all.

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