Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sharpie Art on Canvas Complete

As it turns out, I really like working with canvas- it has its pluses and minuses, challenges and what not, but in the end, after cars I think this my next choice. The added challenges also help keep it interesting which is a huge plus. This piece came out smooth and sharp and the artwork goes all the way around the corners- this is something someone can just put straight on a wall. There's still a bit of blank space left that I might do something crazy and experimental on... yesssssssss. But as far as blank space goes, I like the look of something that isn't just filled up. So lately I haven't been filling every square inch with sharpie. I think the method of NOT filling up the whole thing is more challenging then just filling empty space. Sometimes, yes, I like to full something up-  but not every single thing   :)

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