Wednesday, December 26, 2012

NEW Sharpie Art "Art In Motion, Stays In Motion"

So I had this random thought earlier today: If an object in motion, stays in motion-  what about objects that look like they're in motion even when they are stationary? Visually, I'd say they are definitely in motion... but I thought I might try my hand at making an art piece that emphasized this idea a bit. I started out with a profile sketch of a Lamborghini Gallardo (I'm on a big Lambo kick right now), then carefully put ink to the cars shape until I was happy with where it was. Next I built up the surrounding shapes to mimic the aggressiveness of the Gallardo while maintaining a similar black and white balance. That balance would later serve to unify the outside shapes with the cars shapes. I didn't have a solid plan for the wheels so I tried a number of variations in pencil before moving forward with divided 6 spoke wheels. The brake calipers were added to bring some detail to the wheel area and break up the solid black. The tail light is the only thing I used red ink in since I thought the subtle color would be a nice touch. All the ink, sketch work were done 100% completely free hand on this piece of 9"x17" Marker Paper. The background gradient and tail light glow I added digitally-  I sometimes will do this 1st before airbrushing it onto the piece to see if the idea even works. In this case, I think it really helps the overall look. To me, this little piece looks like it's frozen in motion, and the snap shot caught every bit of movement, speed, and aggression this Lamborghini is made of. I can't wait to have a gigantic canvas print of this made for my living room!

I'm also now thinking of doing a series of these based off other Super Cars and Exotics

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