Sunday, September 18, 2011

53 Belair Flames part 3

Today I got the flames painted! Yay! The base color is a cool lime green I made using a greenish yellow and a royal blue. After enough was put on to cover the black (3 coats) and it was dry, I came back in with the green/gold pearl mix to go over everything 2 more times. The pearl reaaaaaaaaally made this color. It instantly had more personality. Once all the base coats were dry, I put 2 coats of clear on. I want to make it shiny and pop, but I don't want to create a massive edge to try and stripe over. Tomorrow I'll nib a couple of small pieces of dirt, and un tape the whole dealy. I might even start pinstriping tomorrow. Oh that will be fun! Of course, this means I need to get a gallon of ivory pinstripe paint first...

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