Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Sharpie Mustang part 6

Today was clear the Sharpie car day!! I got the car masked off last night before I left so I could get here early this morning (before it got too hot) to just shoot the clear. Everything went great! Over the last year I've heard alot of  "you can't clear over Sharpie" talk... I'm here to say it can be done. And without a single problem. The clear really makes the black ink look even blacker. Everything looks alot richer and deeper. Last step is to wet sand and buff tomorrow. I'll keep the car in the booth and taped up until it's all the way done as to keep the sanding and buffing mess off the rest of the car.

Final pictures coming soon!


  1. Man, that looks awesome cleared over. Can't wait to see a pic out in the sun.

  2. Thanks dude! I'm looking forward to getting it outside too