Wednesday, May 18, 2011

It's the Little Things...

Towards the end of last year I was asked to do some kind of stripe that would split up a 2 tone paint job being done on a truck. The owner and painter of this truck is Casey of Classic Powder ( He was totally open to any ideas I had... which was great. He had already painted the top of the truck black and the bottom a nice bright metallic green when I got there. The only specification given was that he wanted it to taper from the front to the back. So I masked off the area to be striped and thought about what would be cool to do in an area this small, but still have some impact. Traditionally when I'm asked to do stripes I'm thinking I'm going to be pulling lines with a paint brush. This job was a paint through a gun. Again, not my norm, but I figured I could put a cool twist on it. Since Casey was open to anything, I decided I would try an engine turned look on base coat. We agreed that bright silver would be the best starting point. After the silver was dry enough, I made a turning tool out of a dixie cup and a scotch brite. I took the scotch brite and cut it into a circle the size of the  bottom of the dixie cup, then glued the scotch brite to the bottom. I glued 2 layers of scotch brite (one on top of the other) so that the outside edges of the bottom of the cup wouldn't dig extra hard. Then, from front to back I pressed the 'tool' into the base coat and turned it by hand 180 degrees, overlapping each rotation by 50%. The look and the lines came out so clean that no additional colors or outlining was necessary. Casey cleared it all up and it came out great. It seems like a simple little touch, but it really adds something to this already cool paint job.

Another happy customer!

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