Friday, April 15, 2011

Custom paint on the Cadillac (aka Cattle Smack) Part 3

Yes, there's more Cadillac goodness to be had. The design for the trunk was left up to me... the only request was to make the "Sacred Heart" the center piece of the design. I got that squared away 1st so I could work around it. Once it was done, I mixed up a couple different greens to use as the initial color for the trunk and decided against it completely. The green looked ok, but just didn't provide enough front-to-back contrast to me. I knew I was going to use the same Ivory that was used to outline the scallops so I sisn;t think it necessary to just plain duplicate the color layout. So instead I went with a nice classic- Process Blue. I think the blue and green work well together, but on seprate parts. I laid the blue part of the design out 1st, then came back in the next day and chased my ideas around with ivory. I wanted to make the design partially classic looking, and partially more of the complex intertwind designs I like doing. Once done, the 2 colors looked great against eachother. I moved the car outside and snapped some photos since the weather was decent. The green glows in the dark and the car looks bad ass at night. The last task on this job is to black out the wheels. It will kind of finish out the look, I think. I'll post some pics when the car is in it's Finished stage.

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