Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Custom paint on the Cadillac (aka Cattle Smack)

This post is going to end up being broken up into at least 2 parts since i have a bunch of pics. Scott from the Frederick School of Rock brought me his 64 Cadillac to paint scallops on, pinstripe, then pinstripe some more. The car is fresh out if it's body and paint receiving today's latest and greatest- Flat Black. This is much too big a car to be blank... so the idea was to do scallops off the front end in panels (as opposed to painting the whole front end the scallop color) using a color called Chronic Green, then outline them with 1 Shot Ivory. The masking/layout process took 2 rolls of fine line, 3 roles of masking tape and several football fields of other materials. The green didn't cover real gracefully, but I kept at it until it was right. Once everything was unmasked the vision had started to take shape. But, nothing is complete without pinstripes, and this 64 Caddy is no exception.

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