Thursday, January 6, 2011

Mattholumeuwe's Build

Well the journey is moving onward. Once i received the tank and tail off of Matts current bike build it was easy for me to asses that these were the most F-ed parts ever. Nah, im kidding, they're not so bad. The tank is a bit large, so some here and there damage is to be expected. The tail was made out of several pieces, so some sunken and raised spots are to be expected. No surprises here... except for the leak on the adjacent side that was already repaired due due leakage, due to age. My brother Jake did a very nice job of tig welding up the area quickly and cleanly as to keep me moving forward. The tank also had badges on it and the area where the tab was needed to be filled. Some spots required filler, some required even more. But no worries, the body work came out great. Everything was etched and primed last night at which time lots of little grinder divits came to focus. Again, no worries. Today i blocked the parts down and marked the remaining spots that needed attention. A little of this, a little of that, then a little more primer, then were go for paint. The tail will need to be measured and templates made for the upholstery before it gets painted. It's a goin!

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