Friday, December 10, 2010

BSA Letters Today

After many strange dreams i awoke to see that it was snowing. After a failed attempt to leave my neighborhood, i stayed home. While most places were probably safe to drive, the area i live was not. So no going to work today... but the upside was i could do work at home. Yes, that's an upside for me. Today's primary task- the BSA logo/lettering on Jeff of Saint Motorbikes latest build. With a couple ideas rolled around, i quickly got to work on a plan. I found the BSA logo online and used it as the piece to work from. The space where the logo went were the recessed circles on either side of the tank. First step was to gold leaf the circles... apply size... wait... apply leaf... drink coffee... burnish leaf... brush clear over leaf. If the tank were in the middle of the paint process i wouldn't put clear on it, but since the paint is done, the gold needs to be protected. When the is dry, i lightly trace over the logo leaving a slight print in the leaf. I used black to fill the letters, then red trace around them. Each color adds interest to the circle, but hasn't quite completed it yet. So then i ran ivory around the outer edge of the leaf followed by red inside of that circle. Once tacky enough, i put one last black circle in between the first two for contrast. Wa La. Always fun doing stuff for Jeff- thanks man, for the opportunity to learn, practice and apply... hope you like it!

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