Thursday, November 18, 2010

The New Old car to be...

Since the accident with Anna Belle, I've been scrubbing the internet like crazy trying to find something else at least as cool. I've had a bunch of old cars, mostly Buick's, because they truly have personality to them. And that personality is very very important to me. Your closest friends are people you care for, get along with and generally like. Same can be true about the right car... you care for it, it takes care of you, and you like it. What's better is when a cars' personality is an extension of your own. That's when style and taste come into play and it's different for everybody. In my case, I've been searching for another car since October 11th... little over a month now. Actually, on October 11th, my brother Jake, our friend Courtney and I all drove out to Carlisle, PA to look at a 61 Buick Special. I used to have one so they're particularly special to me. That was a no go for the same reason a lot of my prospects were- everyone seems to want a lot of money for not so nice cars. I ran into this A LOT. And since the insurance company denied my claim, I'm financially on my own for getting another car. Between craigslist and ebay I must have communicated with a couple hundred people via telephone and email about cars. Most people wanted too much and were just a tad too far away to justify the cost. For a while I set out to find another 64 LeSaber to use as doner parts for my Anna Belle. There aren't many out there, none close, fewer in my price range, and even less that were worth cutting up. But i kept looking. I looked at 80's Porsche's, 50's fords, 60's anything... I was covering the map- so long as it appealed to my style. I went and saw a lot of cars... I even had a 61 Buick LeSaber brought down from New Jersey. What a disappointment that was. It's rare for me to turn down a Buick like that, but I had to. Clearly, I've spent a lot more time thinking and working on this task then anything else- even work. If not for the computer at the shop who knows if I'd show up at all... (just kidding, I'm working on another Ferrari and i love it!). After many phone calls, numerous emails and countless searches I found something unique, on ebay of course. A 1961 Oldsmobile F-85. I know what your thinking; it's not a Buick. In reality though, it's damn close. In 1961, the BOP line (buick, olds, pontiac) launched an economy car line all to be built on the same platform; the Buick Special, The Pontiac Tempest, and the Oldsmobile F-85. This line only lasted 3 years with the aluminium 215 v8. In 64, everything changed, the gas crunch had dissipated and mid sized cars were indistinguishable from full size. The 61 models of these cars are identical in a lot of ways with some trim differences. As mentioned before, I had a 61 Special and used as a daily driver for a long time. Since the sale of that car, Specials of that year are seemingly popular and becoming costly to obtain. Tempests have always been desirable. Leaving just the F-85... a car that wasn't even popular when it was made. When I found this one I couldn't stop looking at it and talking about it (which is bad luck when your bidding). I talked to my dear friend Matt about helping me get it back from New York in the event that I win. The auction ended this morning... I couldn't sleep and I had to come over to my brothers house (thank you jake) to watch the end of the auction early this morning. I WON!!!!! Anyone who has ever tried to win a something cool on ebay know what it's like to watch that counter until it's over. Refresh Refresh Refresh!! Now we must carry out our travel plans to obtain the F-85 this Sunday... and hopefully she's as decent as described. I'm working on a name for her, and I'm open to suggestions.

I can finally go to work and WORK. I'm sure Robbie will appreciate that.

I can see clearly now the rain is gone....

Thanks everyone, for putting up with me through this time
And thanks for the help and suggestions


  1. Im tellin ya, white doors with a gold star, little cherry on top...soooo cool.

    This IS, the perfect Chris Car, congrats.

    Goodbye frustrated Chris, Hello old Chris :-)

  2. Crap, Im sihned in as Bethany.....this is JEFF.

  3. Niiiiiiiiice... it sounded like a Jeffe comment anyways. I talked to robbie earlier and he scares me about old cars... i shouldn't have mentioned it to him, shoulda just said 'look what i got!'

  4. You are going to dust so many eggs with that thing!

  5. So are you interested in selling the Buick back?
    lol , great looking car by the way.

  6. I suppose I would be... I haven't decided what im doing with it yet. But I needed something old and cool!

  7. Dude, totally bad luck to post about it before it's home!!! Bad ju-ju man. Awesome car though. Have fun, and I'll have to see it this week sometime when it's home.