Sunday, October 10, 2010

My dearest Anna Belle...

At around midnight last night, an out of state, over the speed limit, elderly gentleman hit my buick. Hard. We were at a dead stop when he hit us (doing around 50/60 mph) about 2 miles from the house. We're all ok... and when i went to go see if the other driver was ok (which he was) he asked me what he had hit... as if he weren't sure. Well what i can say for sure is that my car is demolished. And just one month after i got her in michigan. The guy who hit me is from ohio and had just bought the dodge minivan (which no longer exists) here and was returning home. I should be extremely angry about this... but im trying to be calm. There is alot more i could say about the whole thing but it changes nothing.

Im glad everyone is ok.

My Anna Belle is not.

I must now find another Buick.

If we were in a honda civic (or any other car for that matter), i wouldn't be typing this today.


  1. Wow man, that was a hell of a hit. Glad you're alright. Good old American iron, huh?

  2. As the x owner of, anna bell I am deeply sorry for your loss, very glad to here yall are alright, my dad was almost in tears after owning her for almost 12 years, and seeing her in that condition, hope you have better luck with the next one.

    kinda strange, last Buick we sold before this one got smashed the same way only a week after it was gone ??

    but anyway deeply sorry for losses, i know im gonna miss her.

    fieros doin good, still runs like a champ, special plans for it in future.