Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Pinstripe Chris & the Sharpie Fiero

Today was the interview with the Frederick Newspaper people. It was really cool- the interviewer and the photographer were both really nice. A passer-byer came over and talked with me while we were doin photos and such. Fun fun. And then i realized... i dont really have any photos of the Fiero and I together... mainly because there's never anyone around to take the pics or i dont like the way they come out. So the solution was to take my own pics. Set the camera up, add 10 sec delay, pose, done. Not as cool as the pics the photagrapher took earlier, but still neat for me. I like takin pictures of stuff... not normally me, but i do like bein on camera :)

Too much fun. Please don't laugh at me... it is ok to laugh tho.

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