Thursday, August 12, 2010

New Kiks for the Sharpie Fiero

My buddy with the Vw dragster (Troy) sold me a set of wheels/tires last week off of his Vw Jetta. Fiero's and Vw's share the same 5x100 bolt pattern... makes things simple. Troy dropped off the wheels last night and my borther Jake came and picked them up in his van (because they're not fittin in my car) so we could bolt them up. Troy took excellent care of these wheels and the tires still have the nubbies on them. They look freaking killer. Now i just need to lower the car to make up for the tire size difference...

By the By... The Frederick News Post is doing a small article on me & the Sharpie Fiero in a couple of weeks :D very excite.

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