Thursday, August 26, 2010

How many 'last straws' can there be?

As some know, i've been working on plans to leave this state behind. Far behind. And even though i've been ready to go for quite some time, i still try not to let things that happen (whether repeatedly or not) make me want to leave more. I already know i want to go, believe me, i don't need any other reasons. But if there were a list... this would be reason #105,630,023: My neighborhood/neighbors. And you can tell me 'just move somewhere else' and i'll tell you 'i plan to'. Today i left work early (i left working on Ferrari's early) to go get fitted for my $170 tux for my sisters' wedding next month. The cost was a surprise since i had been given no warning. So i was home 5/6 hours earilier then normal- a good opportunity to play drums when complaints will be directed on whether or not i suck at it as oppose to the time of day. Not 20 minutes after playing im ready to leave and go get my brother and head to my other brothers' house. When i sat in my car i noticed a peculiar sound... like fresh ice in hot water. My freaking rear window was completely shattered, intact (good ole saftey glass) and still crackling. I quickly found the broken out chunk on my dashboard. It was obvious that something had hit it from the outside and made the window go kablamo. When i had gotten home i had noticed the neighbor (who owns the trailer park at the end of our neighborhood) mowing the grass next to our house and driveway (since thats where our property ends. He also rides this lawn mower up and down the road which happens to be covered by lots and lots of rocks. My guess is that he ran one over and it hit may car (explains some other shit too, but whatever). Guess he didn't notice since there wasn't a note anywhere. So i said fuck it, im going to go over there like an adult and ask him about it. This did not play out like i thought it would. I told him i wsan't trying to be a prick or anything but my window is cracked, likely from a rock. To which he responded: " No, ya see; my (ride on) mower bags the stuff, and it has a filter and a metal mesh screen- ain't no rocks goin outta there. I don't know what to tell ya but i ain't takin responsibility for that. And if i'd actually done it i would'a stopped and fixed it." -Mother Fucker. I don't care if you told me everyone in the world has mentallity like this- i wouldn't fucking believe you. I've lived and seen more place in my short life then anyone i've ever known my age- there ain't no place like frederick. I calmly left and begun taping up my back window so i could get it out as easily as possible. New rear glass for these cars doesn't exist. Might be lucky and find a used one but i've got a cooler plan. What really gets me... is that inbetween my arrival home and getting back into my car, i cut my hair in about the wierdest fucking way i ever have. And with my new do i went over to this guys' house and talked to him like a gentleman- probably not what he was expecting. He must of thought something was wrong with me because of the way i looked... but on the contrary, i thought there was something wrong with him to look at me and lie straight to my face (weird fucking hair and all) about his mower w/ mesh screen theory and not have even be concerned about what happens when you fuck with crazy people >:)

I can tell im not welcome here... my fault really. My hobbies are loud and i was born 1/2 deaf so i don't know the difference.

Seriously tho, repercutions from a crazy person?? I'd rather give em' 50 bucks and say sorry then go- ' nope nope, ya see- rocks can't fly.'

Fuckin asshole. Well despite my language, i took the whole thing pretty well and worked on cleaning the glass up until dark. I get back into it in the morning. On the plus side, it should be neat driving the car with the windows down, sunroof off and back glass out :)
Like a convertible with extra panels lol

P.s. my haircut is all in fun. Like a unicorn. Or a triceratops spike. Crazy.


  1. Where was Fred during all this?

    If youd done stayed at work FM, this wouldnt have happened, lullygagging in the middle of the day youre just asking for you buddy to break your shit..............rite?

  2. It's funny you say that because i feel the same way. If i had not had to leave work early to rent my over priced tux, i would have never been around for this to happen. But same holds true about the haircut, which by the way, reminds me of Jack Jack in The Incredibles.

    Fred was at home... watching...

  3. I think the key here, is Fred. He's still gay & your Karma hates thats.

    Hey in that pic you look like the lead singer from REM, must be related.

  4. Haha. It does look like Jack Jack. Awesome dude.

  5. Funny you say about the REM guy... i used to hear that in highschool from some of my teachers. Maybe he's my long lost father...