Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sharpie Fiero: Both sides of the Coin

Im waiting for my Ferrari copies to be done so i went up to a local chruch and snapped some pics of my Sharpie Fiero. I've been getting lots of questions reguarding whether or not i'll be doing the whole car or 1/2 of it. My plan from the start has been to do the entire car...but latley... im really digging the 2 sided look of my car. A nice clean flat white on one side, and a crazed sharpie design on the other. If i were to do a 2 sided look i would still finish up the hood and trunk with the ideas i started and trickle them out into nothingness. I would also go into the roof just a little bit to complete the one side.

I dont kno man... i really dig it like this... any thoughts?

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