Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sharpie Fiero Progress...

Got a whole lot done today... even though it was 100 degrees outside and occasionally raining. Im havin a ton of fun doing this, my back hurts like hell though... the car is kindof low to the ground. Tried some new stuff today and im really happy with it so i shall carry it onwards. I took a bunch of pics so i'll share a bunch. Yipee! Tomorrow is anther day...


  1. duuuuuude, that's kinda awesome, i can't wait to see when this project gets done. my mom always told me that sharpie's and duct tape would save the world lol

    kick ass dude

  2. Hey Chris, been a while how is the Fiero doing?

  3. Sick looking sharpie fiero. I was wandering if u can sharpie my bicycle shocks, how much would it cost and can I ship it to you?

  4. just want to say i liked your work so much that i was inspired to start to sharpie my own 2006 ford focus zx4

    1. That's great to hear! Please send me some progress pics or pics when you are finished- I'd love to check it out and share it with others!