Sunday, June 20, 2010

A true Hot Wheels

Unlikley at first, but the owner of this 73 Corvette was eventually convinced that having fire airbrushed on the front end would really help him stand out. While his taste in things (especially car types and colors) is never subtle, it was still challenging to get him to agree to getting this done. At first we were talkin traditional style flames- more time period correct and a little more on the subtle side. That idea quickly changed to fire... and for once, not by me. I did a quick test panel to demonstarte the idea over a red car and the customer requested emphasis on the brighter yellow end. Like i said- not so subtle. The end result seems to have the feeling and presence of a life sized Hot Wheels toy. More then a couple people have said this... so im using it not only because i am a Hot Wheels conisuer, but becasue i agree in the best way possible. I really like how the color combo came out and how the suggestion of gold pearl on the highlights really adds flavor to the look. I also agree with Jeff who says side pipes and kragers would complete the look. This car is definitly one oof my favorites. Paint/Body done at Hot Rod Refinishers (.com) Airbrushing done by Pinstripe Chris (.com). Thanks to the dudes at Hot Rod Refinishers for allowing me the opportunity to push some of my work on pre-existing customers!

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