Monday, June 28, 2010

The Gloves are Comin Off...

:) I have to play nice now... dont want to get in trouble before im 'in'


  1. you tell 'em, motherfucker!

    as for the douches that hammer you for doing sharpie stuff, fuck them. in every movement, there is the founder, and a thousand others who start working the same style. that is just how it is. you could say that the guy that did the lambo was just a lucky graffiti artist, which is what i think. just because somebody does something first, everybody else is not excluded from trying their hand at it. can you imagine if that was how the world was? we'd all be living in caves, killing anybody who comes up with a better way to start a fire with rocks.

  2. That is too funny... and so fuckin true. Thanks for not making me feel like a poser dude. Its funny, while i was typing angrily, i was thinking of you

  3. Chris, why do you always sugarcoat stuff, I mean tell us how you really feel.

    I hear a blank Fiero calling your name.

    The sharpie Camaro would have been the bomb, it would have been on every forum, & every website, big sites. It would have been sold over the phone inside a couple weeks.

    Their loss.

  4. Chris, man, I thought the test panel was bitchin'. Love the old hot-rod feel of it. Don't give up and sell out, there are people who appreciate someone who does real unique shit.

  5. There's some Douche in Ijamsville that wants some sharpie work done.

    I like your work and your story doesn't surprise me. When's the last time you walked into a dealership and left happy? not feeling like you just got F-ed in the A.

    Stick to your guns and fuck the rest.

  6. I'm pretty much with everybody on this one bud, dealers blow and the manager's are pretty much demon spawn.

    If for some reason you do work with these guys again, tell them flat out "you hired me to be an artist and make art, if it's so G-D simple then you do it", you're test panel and pretty much everything else you do is awesome, so if a bunch of overpayed pretty boys wearing monkey suits wanna bitch then let them, it really is their loss.

    wanna sharpie my tracker?